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Always enjoy working with you.
Your creativity, expertise and professionalism are off the charts!

— Shaun Piccinino   Actor/Director


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Our Clients are business owners, creative individuals in advertising/marketing/public relation companies as well as producers and directors from other film production studios. 3B Digital Studios shoots and produces Television Commercials, Indie Films, Corporate Videos and for the growing Web Video markets. The reasons our clients call might include the cinematic cameras that we use, our film production equipment, our team of professional crew members and our great work ethic. Our clients, like the rest of us, want to do all they can to assure the best possible outcome on their projects and get a good return on their investment. Some clients require 3B to handle their entire project, while others need a specific production service. Regardless of their project needs, they know 3B delivers.


As award winning Cinematographers, our job is to light, compose and create movement in order to visually tell a story.  These visuals should communicate to the audience what to think and feel; captivating their attention, drawing them into a world that has been created in cellulous or metadata. Every shot should advance the story, whether it’s for a narrative feature or a 30-second television spot.  If the photography takes away from story by drawing attention to itself, then it has failed.  Every choice; whether it’s about exposure, lenses, lighting, camera movement, framing and angles should be made as the story dictates. The Director’s vision of the story based upon the script is our foundation as Cinematographers.

3B Digital Studios was amazing to work with. They are creative, insightful and most importantly, Adam and Wayne took a genuine interest in our organization and our overall goal. Thank you 3B!
—Spring M. Bunting, Marketing Coordinator, Hoffmann Hospice

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Please use any one of several options to communicate with us. Use the Toll-Free number (888-637-8894), or email communications via the form below, or call our direct numbers with photos.  We think we can be of benefit to you on your next project, but that is your call, not ours.








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Blog Section

Now filming with Epic Dragon

3B has added an additional RED camera to its arsenal. The RED Epic M Dragon is now here and in use on television commercials and motion picture work.  Look for new projects coming online that have been shot on our new Dragon. With greater dynamic range, new color science and more resolution, we are excited about […]

Gone Girl the Movie

A very interesting article on the making of David Fincher’s latest film: “Gone Girl”. The article describes the Director of Photography’s thoughts and how they approached shooting their latest collaboration. David and Jeff are both fans of RED Digital Cinema and chose to shoot this latest feature on the RED Dragon. The film was also […]

Adam Beck on Cinema Files Radio

3B Digital Studios’ Adam Beck will be on Cinema Files Radio on July 13th at 10:00 a.m. “Cinema Files Radio”! is a live radio show bringing you the latest insider information from Hollywood and around the world. With Host Writer, Producer, director, and Martial Arts Master Steve Pisa dishing out the latest insider stories from Movies, to […]

NAB 2014

3B Digital Studios is excited to return NAB this year. Every industry employs audio and video to communicate, educate and entertain. They all come together at NAB Show® for creative inspiration and next-generation technologies to help breathe new life into their content: Broadcast, Digital Media, Film, Entertainment, Telecom, Post-Production, Education, Houses of Worship, Advertising, Military/Government, Retail, […]

Open House at American Society of Cinematographers Clubhouse and 3B Digital Studios was in Attendance

On January 25, 2014, the American Society of Cinematographers opened their Clubhouse in Hollywood to honor this year’s ASC nominees and award winners. ASC Members are talented Cinematographers, the world’s best.  Most of the members were in attendance for this special event.  As you might imagine, where film makers gather there are many stories shared about […]

Red Scarlet Camera and Steadicam Perfect Setup for Difficult Shots

Adam Beck, Director of Photography, for the movie, The Fallen: Standing Tall made some creative choices to convey the story. “I wanted to reduce several camera setups while capturing the mood, character’s personality and increasing the impact of this shot.” commented Adam, “The steadicam gives me the option to move the camera freely about the actors as they deliver their dialogue.” […]

A Student’s Experience

3B Digital Studios Receives a Nice Note A Student’s Experience Working on Becoming Lindsey My name is Ciara, I’m a junior at Golden West High school, and I was the assistant producer on the Becoming Lindsey project. I went into this experience very shy and a little nervous about what exactly my responsibilities would be, […]

Becoming Lindsey

Several months ago we did a RED camera demonstration for Mr. Smith’s Video Production classes at Golden West High School, in Visalia, CA.  A former intern of ours, Bill, now assists Mr. Smith and his students. Bill has written a script called “Becoming Lindsey” and came up with the idea to use all high school […]

Our experience with 3B Digital Studios has been far and above our expectations. Over the past year plus they have been instrumental in capturing our vision on several projects.They are professional, on time and always work until the job is completed. We have a great working relationship with them and will continue to use their services.

—Scott Seargeant, Writer/Producer