Open House at American Society of Cinematographers Clubhouse and 3B Digital Studios was in Attendance

On January 25, 2014, the American Society of Cinematographers opened their Clubhouse in Hollywood to honor this year’s ASC nominees and award winners. ASC Members are talented Cinematographers, the world’s best. 


ASC Clubhouse and Courtyard

Most of the members were in attendance for this special event.  As you might imagine, where film makers gather there are many stories shared about shooting and film production.We heard some great stories from these esteemed cinematographer in the trials and tribulation they have faced throughout their careers. 

Wayne Beck said, “It was a beautiful warm day perfect for the gathering in the ASC court yard. These Cinematographers are always great to talk with–sharing about all our projects, challenges and successes.” Adam Beck enjoyed discussing blocking and camera movement with Dean Cundey, this year’s ASC Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree and said “I grew up watching films Dean shot and I have much respect for his work.” Visiting with American Society of Cinematographers is always an opportunity to enjoy ourselves and has always been a rewarding experience.


Adam Beck and Dean Coundey


From film festivals, Friends of the ASC, Expos and other events it’s great to see friends and former collaborators from within the industry.

ASC Pays Tribute With 2014 Awards
Dean Cundey, ASC; ASC’s Lifetime Achievement Award
Eduardo Serra, AFC, ASC; International Achievement Award
Richard Rawlings, Jr., ASC; Career Achievement in Television Award
You can find out the winners of this year’s 28th ASC Awards here.

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