Red Scarlet Camera and Steadicam Perfect Setup for Difficult Shots


Adam Beck (r) and Thomas Delacruz (l) getting a steadycam shot on location for the Fallen the movie.

Adam Beck, Director of Photography, for the movie, The Fallen: Standing Tall made some creative choices to convey the story. “I wanted to reduce several camera setups while capturing the mood, character’s personality and increasing the impact of this shot.” commented Adam, “The steadicam gives me the option to move the camera freely about the actors as they deliver their dialogue.”

While it is a dynamic tool Adam is very selective in it use. Reducing camera set-ups can safeguard production schedules and protect budgets, but only if it supports the story and script. Also Less setups can also allow a more organic acting opportunity for the actors in the scene. The flow of dialogue and character reactions happen more naturally as well. For the audience, a camera mounted on a steadicam can give the feeling of being in the scene, even feeling more included in the action and dialogue as it unfolds.

Look for project news for The Fallen: Standing Tall and other 3B Digital Studios projects.

Indie Project Information:

The Fallen: Standing Tall
Scott Seargeant: Writer/Director
Adam Beck: Writer/Director of Photography
Produced by: Revolier Films and 3B Digital Studios 

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