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ASC Club House

Its never a bad day when you get to visit the ASC Club House.  While visiting the club house, I was able to visit with Dean Cundey, ASC about camera movement and blocking scenes.  Dean has a long list of ground breaking films that he has shot. Starting with the original Halloween, Roger Rabbit and Jurassic Park.  I love the Back To The Future trilogy that he shot with director Robert Zemeckis. I was able to get Dean’s guidance on camera movement as I absolutely love some of the camera moves from Back To The Future, a great example of how to tell a story with camera movement.


Adam Beck (l) discussing shooting options with Dean Cundey at ASC Open House.

Dean Cundey, ASC – IMDB


Beside speaking with Jeff Cronenweth, ASC about the new Dragon sensor from RED, it was great to talk with him about his work.  I love Jeff’s work, it absolutely beautiful.  Being a RED owner, it was great to be able to get his feedback on how he deals with certain scenarios.  Jeff is an accomplished cinematographer, being nominated twice for Academy Awards for films that were shot on RED.   I’m sure he will be nominated a third time with Girl Gone directed by David Fincher. Jeff has been a big influence on my work, his advice has made a huge difference.

Jeff Cronenweth, ASC – IMDB


I started the day off speaking with Mark Iwrin, ASC.  It was great, we discussed old film cameras to dealing with actors that don’t want to come out of the trailer.  Mark compared his approach to lighting close-ups to the great cinematographer Owen Roziman, ASC. I’m a huge fan of Owen Roziman, and its nice to hear Mark say such tremendous things about Owen. Whats great about these conversations as you never know where they will end up, always a good time.

Mark Irwin, ASC – IMDB


Each one of the accomplished cinematographers are inspiring, you can’t help but to admire them for their work.  This visit was special to me as I was able to see friends and hear about the projects they are working on.

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