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NAB would not be successful for us if it weren’t for our amazing business partners!


A very big Thank you to Chrosziel for having a strong presence again in our booth and for being a valued part of the Schneider family.


We cannot show off Schneider’s wonderful lenses or Chrosziel’s camera support systems without cameras and monitors. So we would very much like to thank the following for loaning us some really amazing gear!

  • Keslow Camera
  • Stray Angel
  • Shadow Cast Pictures
  • Red Digital Cinema
  • Blackmagic Design
  • Panasonic
  • Sony
  • Arri
  • Canon
  • Small HD
  • Cartoni


Every year we don’t think our Lens Reel can get any better, but thanks to those that submitted footage this year, the 2017 reel was truly incredible! We encourage you to follow the link below for footage from these fine DP’s and production companies!

  • Adam Beck
  • Michael Eldredge
  • Ian Morris
  • Moment Pictures
  • Phil Holland
  • LuxNova Kino
  • IMVideo
  • Nelson Mustain


Schneider NAB 2017 Lens Reel


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